Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pretty Floral and Teal Cake

Now and then you make a cake that you really quite like and are quite sad to see it go out the door to it's new home. This cake is one of those for me. I had free reign in the design { thanks to lovely Sophie's mum for trusting me } and was just asked to make a
 smallish cake in the same colours as the box of tea bags.

The only stipulation was to have the cake teal coloured. Instantly I had a mental picture of what I wanted to design and how I wanted the finished cake to look and I have to say the finished cake came pretty close to that first mental image.
The cake is an extended tier 6' round { which would probably serve 12-15 coffee portions } and is chocolate with dark chocolate ganache. Everything on the cake is made from sugar paste and no wires from the flowers are inserted into the cake. They are encased in a ball of icing so that prior to cutting the cake they can be removed by sliding the knife carefully along the top of the cake and releasing the Royal Icing which secures it. This way the flowers can be kept as a keepsake. They look fabulous under a glass dome and will last for a long time.
The cake was made for Sophie's birthday, which she is celebrating tomorrow with some friends around for a high tea. Joy !
The flowers are mostly just fantasy style with a couple of little roses to keep them company. The Teal colour is achieved by using Americolour gel paste Teal.
A little smattering of gold edible paint here and there, some berries, sugar feathers and voila.
Happy Birthday Sophie have an amazing celebration. xx
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for dropping by. xx
P.S. Don't you just love my new cake stand, I couldn't resist it.

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