Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty Cake

Thought I would share a pretty cake I made for my sister-in-law Janet's birthday on the weekend. Two tier Chocolate with a mix of dark and milk chocolate ganache. With some pretty sugar roses on top. I must thank my friend Elena who is visiting from Italy as I put her to work and she stuck the little pearl balls on the bottom tier. My piping bag had some royal icing left over so later in the day I went back and added some piping detail on the top tier, message to self ' must do more piping work in future'

The best part about this cake was I got to go to the party and see the cake cut and have a piece. It was a fab  party by the way and one of the first times in quite a few years that nearly all the family was together. I say nearly because one nephew is still in the U.S. and one has just come back from the U.K. with a fiance. Imagine. Of course that means a wedding which in turn means wedding cake, Yay.

Any hooow, it was a lovely evening and I left with an enormous head after all the great compliments about the cake. So many thanks to everybody for a great night and I hope Janet you had a perfect birthday celebration.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St Valentine's Day

Thought I would add a little romance to my blog. Some sugar cookies and flowers I made. Best wishes and happy days. xx

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Welcome 2013

Well well all my ambitions for posting regular articles on my blog lie in tatters as we are already into the month of February and these are the first pictures of the year.
However all is not lost as I have been very productive over the break busily making lots of sugar flowers, trialling new looks for cake{think hand painted} and doing literally hours of strategic planning and laborious research...aka looking at cake pictures on the Internet. I know," you poor thing," I can hear you say but as is that old adage, someone has to do it and it may as well be me.
And well call me crazy but  I  have a sneaky suspicion a fair few of you are also doing lots of research and strategic planning too. Good for you. It will only make you appreciate the finer things in life.
So in no particular order some of the cakes I have been baking and decorating.

 Something very similar to a previous  hat box cake. 10" chocolate fudge
 Something to kick start Daniels 5th birthday
 Sweet 16 pretty and pink
 To help celebrate a wonderful couple's 50th wedding anniversary

 and a pretty birthday cake with sugar flowers.
I have lots of projects I'm working on at the moment and very soon will be delving into the world of posting some free tutorials, so see you soon.
Tammy x
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