Monday, September 30, 2013

Some More Cakes

Some more pictures I found in my camera that I hadn't posted.
I promise it wont be so long between cakes, next time.

Alexia's Holy Communion

 A Big 21st Cake { all chocolate }

My first Corset Cake

 Angela's Cupcakes

Bit of old School Piping

Pretty Sugar Flowers

More pretty sugar flowers

Sugar Cymbidiums

I'm getting into the piping

Tammy xx

Cakes Cakes and More Cakes

So it seems I have been missing in action for a while. Not intentionally of course but life just got very busy for a couple of months and I got out of the habit of posting pictures. So it's high time I checked in and shared with you some of the baked and decorated goods from the last few months.
On the cake front things were very busy. There were many varied designs produced, even did some cupcakes which I hadn't done for a while.
Teaching and keeping up to date with class projects also occupied a fair bit of time but I love spending time with the students and find them quite inspiring. They surely are lovely bunch of gals, talented to boot.
There was also a magazine shoot, my first. More about that tomorrow. I have to wait for 1st October when the publication is released then all will be revealed.
So life has been busy but then aren't we all?
So without further ado and in no particular order I will share some of the cakes I made in the last little while. Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Tammy xx

Baby Girl Cupcakes

A Scottish 50th and 21st

A little chocolate cake with Raspberries

Dinosaurs { the head was made out of rice Krispies }

There was a lot of decoration specified for this cake

Tiffany style Macarons
 and cupcakes

and the Tiffany Box Cake

Hollywood Themed 21st