Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dr Who, A Confirmation and A Tea Cup

As the title suggests three very different cakes.
Dr Who's Tardis took me completely out of my comfort zone and into the sci fi world of cakey creations. Not a flower in sight and took forever to ganache. The cake was chocolate 5' square and about 20-25cm tall. I so wish I had an airbrush, that would have allowed me to paint it up with edible paint and make it look more realistic.
Note to self, must get an airbrush. If anyone can recommend the best brand of airbrushes all information gratefully accepted.

Next a Confirmation cake for a young man, again no flowers. Eek. The colour scheme red, blue silver and white. Cake was chocolate and the cross was edible.

Lastly a pretty sugar teacup and flowers, lots of gorgeous little blooms. The teacup was hand moulded out of candy icing and filled to the brim with little pretties. This is actually a project my gorgeous students are working on, so can't wait to see what they come up with.
I think This would look totally stylish on a vintage wedding cake or just one for the tea lover. Enjoy.


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