Friday, August 17, 2012

Hooray For Bright Colours

Stepping out of my comfort zone this week  I made this  wedding cake with a tropical inspired tangerine coloured blossom. It highlights two simple design principles
1. Less is definitely more and
2. Bright splashes of colour can look elegant and sophisticated.

Sometimes one large bloom or statement flower is all you need on a cake to have that wow factor. This would look fabulous in bright pink, lime green, or even a deep purple for example. Think of it like a simple make over for the humble two tiered cake.

Hope you like, thought you might be getting sick of the same backdrop I use with my photography so this was taken on a table in my living room.
Have a great weekend.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

60th Birthday Cake

Another extended tier cake,this time ordered by Alyssa for her Dad's 60th birthday. Brian, who works for Western Power hence the electrical theme will celebrate in style. I even included a little figurine[ As taught by Handi }Hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations.

Hollywood Themed Cake

This was a monstrously heavy cake, but I had a lot of fun with it. Casey asked me to make this for her dad's 50th and what a great theme. Everything was edible, hand molded out of fondant. The exploding stars were encased in flower picks the popcorn was real, thought that would add a nice crunch to the texture of the cake. { not because it was too time consuming to made sugar paste popcorn, ha ha }

The cakes were Devils Chocolate with dark chocolate ganache. The bottom tier was an extended10" and the top tier 7". Once the cakes were picked up they had a 3and a half hour drive south, hope they arrived safely in one piece and I hope everyone enjoys a fabulous Hollywood night of nights...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pretty Floral Cupcakes

You can't go past a pretty display of floral cupcakes without admiring them. Just a reminder to show you how good they look en masse and yummy too, chocolate and vanilla bean flavour.

BasketBall Cake

Another basketball themed cake to celebrate Liam's 18th birthday. This was a vanilla bean with chocolate ganache cake and the basketball was made from rice crispies so totally edible. Hope you had a great birthday.