Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Cakes

These are some cakes I did for sisters celebrating their eleventh and thirteenth birthdays. Sophie chose cupcakes with a black and white " dice " inspired theme and Lani opted for a larger chocolate mud cake covered with a dark chocolate ganache and topped of with a blue fondant icing. ( thanks to Planet Cakes new book for the recipe ) I hear you girls were given a very posh birthday treat at one of the city's big hotels...tres chic. Hope you enjoyed the cakes and had an awesome birthday xx

Monday, June 8, 2009

Confirmation Cakes

Here are the cakes I created for my youngest son's Confirmation on the weekend. The top cake was a lemon flavoured sponge filled with lemon curd and cream. Covered with a limoncello sugar syrup (which kept the cake nice and moist) Topped of with a white chocolate ganache and decorated in pale blue fondant. Cupcakes were an assortment of vanilla and chocolate and my kids said "They rock"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Please Can I Have Some More

I know, what is this you are saying. This is a cupcake site so what's with the big cakes. Well just a few more pics to give you some ideas when you place your next order. I can't stop myself but to be honest these would look divine surrounded by a coordinating batch of mini cupcakes just picture it...but in the meantime hope these shots give you some inspiration.

Black and White

Here are some classic black and white themed cakes I made recently. One with a little bit of bling and well the other I just think classic and contempoary. The cakes are 7" diameter and the chocolate mud tastes delicious. The only thing missing of course is some gorgeous cupcakes to match. The 7" cake comes in an assortment of mouth watering flavours and decadently designed and decorated to your brief all for the cool price of $ 65 boxed and delivered. Or if you think you won't be able to eat all of that there is always the option of the 5" for $ 50 which looks equally as cool. These cakes look fabulous on top of a cupcake tower and really achieve the wow factor. Let me know what you think.