Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Special Wedding Cake

This weekend not only did I make the wedding cake but I got to go to the wedding too. Pretty cool I thought as so often I wave cakes out the door and wonder how things turn out.
It was great to see the happy couple cut the cake, the first official task they do together as husband and wife, so quite symbolic.

The cake was 3 tiers of chocolate with a dark chocolate ganache, decorated with a huge explosion of sugar flowers. The flowers were made to match the bridal bouquets. Whilst I sat in the church watching the gorgeous bride Hayley walk down the aisle I quietly  said to myself yeeeeeeeeesssss!
I think I got got the colours and theme of the bouquet right. To those of you of the non cake decorating variety you're probably thinking how strange, but to us cake decorators things like that are tres important.

My favourite part of this cake, I think I like the succulents and the grey foliage, which by the way is my new fave colour. Who would have thunk Grey could be so beautiful.

So congrats to the happy couple Mark & Hayley. Welcome to the family Hayley and as your new Father in law  stated you have condemned yourself to a life time of spelling your new surname. I know plenty about that. But 20 years on Iacomella just rolls of the tongue. ha ha . Wishing you both Happy days.

Best wishes. thanks for dropping by xoxo

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