Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Glamorous Cake

One of the new trends I have noticed with cakes recently is the use of edible sequins. When I say edible sequins I am referring to the little tiny discs of fondant cut out with the end of a piping tube. You can make various sizes and then you  stick them on to the cake. I stuck mine on with some royal icing and then gave them a touch with some edible gold paint. Yes, is the answer to what you are thinking. It was incredibly time consuming and laborious. It does look pretty however and as this was a birthday cake for sweet Giulia who turned 30 I think it was worth it.

I made some sugar paste lilliums to dress up the cake. The cake was an 8" and extended 5" chocolate cake.
Hope you like it.

P.S. People around the world that have to sew sequins onto garments you have my admiration and sympathy. Such pesky little things. xx


Thanks for dropping by. Tammy xo

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