Friday, March 1, 2013

The M & M Saga

Yes there was once a time I thought that was how the rap star Eminem spelt his name. In my middle aged naivety I often pondered why would you want to be named after a cute chocolate sweet, particularly when you make music with such edgy, urban lyrics . Of course my teenage boys quickly put me on the straight and narrow and well now days even names such as Kayne West just roll of the tongue, perfect pronunciation and spelling every time. Too easy.
Not that I want to give the wrong impression here that this is the music that my children currently listen to. They are such cool, hip funksters that I'm sure whatever sounds they're listening to at the moment they are on point.
What has this got to do with cake, nothing at all really. It's just that when I hear the phrase M & M I do still think in all my absurdity of THAT Rap Star.

So when we recently celebrated our eldest sons 17th birthday I had to come up with a cake. Having watched him over the summer holidays devour packet after packet after packet of M & M s I decided what greater gift can a cake decorator mum give than a giant M & M chocolate cake. Red of course because he is the cutest with just enough attitude.

Word of warning if you would like a cake like this. It does tend to assume a wee personality of it's own and took a while to be cut.
Enjoy the long weekend.
Tammy xx
P.S. I'm off to listen to some Rap { not }

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