Saturday, December 1, 2012

Only 24 Days Until Christmas

Eek I can't believe Christmas is almost upon us. Hope all your preparations are going to plan. I have some festive treats to share with you today to perhaps lull you into the festive season. The cake with the candle topper was a little project I taught a group of students. The flowers were two toned blossoms with cotton stamens, pine cones, holly leaves and berries a candle about 12cm tall and lots of little ribbon loops made of shimmery lamenta. Kind of cute and my students did a fantastic job, I was so proud of them.

Some cute Christmas themed cupcakes. If you would like some please do get in touch soon.

Baby shower themed cupcakes also made an appearance. African inspired cupcakes with the animal print were fun to make and the little wrapped parcels were little individual  spiced chocolate mud cakes. A Christmas gift to my students who undertook a six week course. It was lovely to meet you you all and I really enjoyed my first foray into teaching. Hope you had fun too.

Have a great week will post some more pictures in a few days. Tammy x

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