Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christmas in July

For all our friends who live in the Northern hemisphere you may think we've gone slightly nuts  here, but I have to declare some people in Australia actually do celebrate Christmas in July.
Usually this takes the form of a dinner party with a trad. Christmas dinner. You know turkey, all the trimmings, Christmas pudding,  bonbons, mulled wine all of the usual suspects. I'm guessing some people even go for the gift giving. Why do it?

Well, in Australia we're currently in the middle of winter, its actually raining outside now and will be about 5 degrees tonight. That's chilly for us. It is the complete opposite at Christmas, which falls during the peak of summer, when its hot, hot, hot. ( Christmas 2012 it was 38 degrees Celsius )

So, I guess some people just like to have Christmas dinner when its cold and wintry.
Having enjoyed quite a few Christmas celebrations in the northern hemisphere I get that,
but before you get any fancy thoughts, sadly turkey is not on the menu tonight.
Actually my husband is cooking steak on the BBQ in the rain, but lets not try and explain that one. Sometimes its just good to sit back and appreciate life's little mysteries.

So without further ado this is the cake I made for Ute who is celebrating Christmas in July tonight. It's also her birthday, so big birthday hugs and kisses Ute. Enjoy your cake and that turkey. xx

P.S. Hope you keep warm or cool  where ever you are in this big old funny world. xx
        Close up of the big cute guy.

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