Sunday, May 6, 2012

Figurines Now Available

During the week I attended a course in Advanced Figurine Making. The wonderfully talented Handi Mulyana showed us how to design carve and put together these wonderful characters.

Each figurine begins as a styrofoam block which is carved to the desired shape { in this case a lovely couple in formal wear }Once carved the figures are then covered in icng and thats where the decorating begins. Figurines can be made to resemble a happy bridal couple copying the detail of  the wedding dress and the grooms suit. Figures also look fantastic on special birthday or celebration cakes. Best of all long after all the crumbs have been swept away your figurines will last forever and be a happy reminder of the special celebration. This handsome couple stand about 18cm tall and look fantastic on top of a tiered cake. What a brilliant way to personalize your special occasion. Thanks Handi for your brilliant tutoring and thanks to all the lovely ladies I met on the course. x
P.S. I modelled the dress on a Christian Dior design. 

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