Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Little Black Dress Cake

Sometimes you can picture a cake in your head, the design , colours the overall "look" you are trying to achieve. It's very gratifying when you are able to pull it together and make it happen. I feel this way about this little cake. It just strikes a chord with me, simple nothing fancy but like the ultimate little black dress just so right. A timeless classic that will get you through many situations. Enough said oh one more thing, the cake begged to have matching cookies. My cupcakes with wee shoes would complete the ensemble, treat yourself to all the accessories and have your Carrie Bradshaw moment, ha ha . Please enjoy let me know what you think. x
P.S. The flower next to the cookies is my sugar paste Peony I made at Alan Dunn's workshop. You'll see more of that on some cakes.

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