Saturday, January 21, 2012

Whoops! Forgotten Cake Pictures

I found these in my camera and realised I hadn't posted the pictures. The Christmas Cakes were our family cakes and I made assorted goodies such as fruit mince pies {my personal favourite}shortbread, fruit tarts, macarons and chocolate truffles. The cake was Nigella's last minute chocolate and prune Christmas Cake. God bless Nigella, it was moist dense and yummy as promised and I did make it the night before. The cupcakes were decorated to look like little puddings. So yes, there will be no more Christmas Cakes for about 11 months, phew.

Some other photos I found were retirement cupcakes for a work colleague. Professor Hammond you are dearly missed, but hope you're having the most amazing time. Thongs were sugar paste but I ran out of time so a paper umbrella had to do.

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