Sunday, April 17, 2011

Want To Know How To Make Cake Stands

OK so you have baked your lovely,delicious ,luscious sweet baked treats and want to show them off. Make your own cake stands. A quick trip to your local shops for some candle stick holders. I got mine from Ikea, but you could pick them up anywhere. Second hand stores,swap meets, fetes,think vintage, unusual shapes and sizes...
Some glue, strong stuff is required here.You need to adhere the base of your candle holder to a plate. I used a painted cake board but again there is a world of choice out there. The easiest way to stick the base to the plate is to mark the centre of your plate { on the back } place on a flat surface and adhere the candle stick holder into the central area. I did this outside on a fine day and left a heavy brick on top to make sure every thing was glued well into place.
Leave for another 24 hours and then voila you have a brand new cake stand to display your baked goods. Since I used cake boards I have put ribbon around the edges to co ordinate with whatever I am displaying. Use your imagination the possibilities are endless.
You could paint the stand bright lime green, glossy black or fire engine red how cool would that look and cost less than $ 20 per stand. Experiment dare to be bold and let me know how you go..have fun

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